temporary installation in public space
ø 10 m, height 45 cm, depth 40 cm
technical details:
three-dimensional, double-illuminated letters
the site of the former mausoleum of Georgi Dimitrov
Krassimir Terziev
archt Delcho Delchev
archt Galya Krumova
engr Miroslav Yamakov
3D modelling:
Jelko Terziev
special thanks!:
Malina Edreva, Bulgarian center for Not-for-Profit Law, Nadya Shabani, Maria Vassileva, Lyubov Kostova, Angel Terziev
commissioned by: Fabrication: With the support of:
"Outside" Programme of Sofia Municipality Neon BG LTD Structura Gallery
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The Production and Assembly of the Elements Is in its Final Phase

Today I was joining the team to document the process of assemply the components. Thanks to Lena Simeonova for the cooperation and some of the photos.

Finally everything seem to fall in its place. Looking forward to see the whole installation mounted and functioning.

Today we had a working meeting at the mausoleum site to clarify the details of the installation and electrification between Eng. Miroslav Yamakov (the author of the electrical project) and the team of Neon.BG, who will install the installation. The unsolvable problem we encountered is who will ultimately authorize the connection between the electrical panel on the site (operated by the Sofia City Art Gallery, which does not have a full-time electrician) and the installation panel that Neon.BG will install next to the former.

First Prototypes Review

Today, with the project team, arch. Delcho Delchev and arch. Galya Krumova, we visited Neon.BG at the workshop to take a look at the first prototypes of several of the illuminated letters from the installation and the base elements. Many thanks to Neon.BG team for their exellent job!

Cleaning the site from the remains of the previous installations

After lengthy negotiations about who and how to clear the mausoleum site of the remnants of the previous installations on the site, eventually, with the help of a construction crew, today we spent the afternoon grubbing the thirty six concrete blocks leftover at the site from previous installations and prepared it for the upcoming installation.

Today, with the help of several Electrohold employees and with the assistance of the Sofia City Art Gallery, we restored the power supply to the site.

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